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From linear to circular... Experience the Challenge!

From linear to circular

It’s increasingly clear that modern businesses need to transform how they operate.
The circular economy provides new business opportunities,
but what does this mean and which challenges will you encounter?

The world is inhabited by more people, of which a higher share lives in cities and is getting older.

Wealth has increased globally, creating a larger middle class, which uses far more raw materials.

The result is increasing CO2 footprints and waste production. As a result, global consumption currently goes beyond the earth’s regenerative capacity.

The linear “Take – Make – Dispose” system which depletes natural resources and generates waste is deeply flawed and can be productively replaced by a restorative model in which waste does not exist as such but is only food for the next cycle.

- Ellen Macarthur Foundation -

The circular economy provides new business opportunities

The upside is clear to many… Increase in economic growth* with 1% to 4% through circular strategies which entail maintenance & repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishment and recycling.

These strategies enable companies to:

  • Enter new markets (C2C and C2B)
  • Gain market share
  • Offer new / differentiating (service) propositions
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Utilize latest techology
  • Apply solutions to sustain our planet & their business

…but what does this mean in practice and which challenges will you encounter?

Valuation of materials
and components

and regulation


Value chain



of goods


The benefits of playing
The Blue Connection

... to help companies and individuals understand and experience the opportunities
and challenges of adopting circular strategies.

Simulation gaming is a powerful way to facilitate learning,
engage with clients and to profile your expertise.