The Circular Economy

The circular economy is a tremendous commercial opportunity yet realizing it is not easy. What if you could experience what it takes? In The Blue Connection you are in charge of transitioning a virtual company from selling linear products to circular services.

The Blue Connection is embarking on a city tour to collaborate with local parties in cities eager to implement circular policies and initiatives.

Different parties have different needs, for example:

Companies looking to train their teams on how to generate new green business
Universities eager to offer their students highly advanced tools required to keep up with global developments
Consultants searching to gain expertise on the transformation from linear to circular

Serious gaming provides an effective and pragmatic method of moving from theory to action and creates benefits for all partners involved. We are looking to collaborate in existing events as well as setting up new events with local parties.

Learn how to overcome challenges and profit from implementing a circular approach in your company

Gain insight in how to effectively consult and train businesses & instituations

Learn how to effectively incorporate the topic of Circular Economy in your curriculum

Accelerate the transition to a local circular ecosystem by facilitating circular initiatives

How cities and their stakeholders can benefit from playing The Blue Connection?

A Circular Economy asks for new forms of governance in cities, regions and countries. They can make a difference by making policies that contribute to circular economy, by connecting organisations, by developing best practices and sharing knowledge with CE pioneers.

We believe that a multi-stakeholder approach; mixing universities, companies, government, NGOs, consultants and other institutions brings different perspectives to the table, required for creating systemic changes.

Game play fits very well to move from theory to action and creates benefits for all partners involved.