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Munich – The Blue Connection City Tour

Thursday, May 7th 2020
09:00 - 15:30
Gate Garching, Lichtenbergstraße 8, 85748 Garching / Munich, Germany

It’s time for another Discover The Blue Connection Session! After our first visit to Germany at the European Simulation and Gaming Forum in Stuttgart, we will this time be visiting Munich! With 15 tons per capita, the annual domestic consumption of raw materials of a German is twice the global average! The government, however, is keen to change this and one of its main related objectives is moving towards a circular economy!

Join us on May 7th at the Gate Garching in Munich, Germany to experience the opportunities and challenges of the transition from a linear to a circular business model first-hand!

The event is free of charge and you can already register here:

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We are expecting participants from diverse backgrounds and aim to incorporate various circular case studies, related to those concepts you will face in the simulation. During and after the event there will be many networking opportunities, an ideal ecosystem to bring the circular agenda in Germany one step forward!