From linear to circular... experience the challenge!

Interactive Circular Strategy Session – #CEweekLDN Online 2020

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020
15:00 - 16:30, BST (London)

Let’s move from talking about circularity to acting upon it!

During this interactive session, you will experience the journey from linear to circular value chains by implementing a circular strategy!

You will do so as the manager of a virtual e-bike manufacturer who wants to go circular.

To successfully implement a circular strategy, you have to take a number of decisions (Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Supply Chain decisions).

Decisions are taken among all participants of the session: Each participant has one vote & majority rules.

In the end, we will plug the decisions into The Blue Connection (the circular strategy simulation game) and calculate the results. In other words: How did our decisions impact the company from a financial and circular viewpoint.

To conclude, we will give you insights into how you did as a manager and what you could have done differently when taking your decisions.

Little hint: Alignment between all departments is key…

Join us on June 3rd and experience the challenge!

What to expect?

The moderator introduces the participants to the topic, the situation and the simulation environment.

Several questions are asked, each with 4 answer options (Quiz Style: A, B, C, D), based on the information that was given. Participants then have some time to think about the question and must vote for the answer of their choice. Majority wins, so the answer with most votes will be plugged into the circular simulation.

The aim is to make decisions that go hand in hand with the circular strategy that is carried out and in alignment with all departments of the company. The circular transition can only be successful if silo thinking is broken!

The learning outcome is to understand that circularity is more than recycling and how circular decisions along the value chain of a company influence financial and circular performance.